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The Battler chats with Zev Freeman and friends.

Zev Freeman has been an active campaigner for both human and animal rights for over 20 years.

The Battler chats with Zev and Max Igan

The Battler hosted a chat with Max Igan and Zev. The video was deleted from the Battler’s YouTube page. But what those who seek to silence the TRUTH don’t comprehend….Yet….is that the TRUTH cannot be stopped, no matter what the enemies of Freedom do.

We are like the Whack-a-Moles…. whack one down and we just pop up again in a different place. Here, then, is the banned video with Max and Zev…

Zev Stops 5G Towers in Mullumbimby

Recently, Zev was instrumental in negotiating with Telstra and the police to cease and desist installing 5G technology at Mullumbimby, Byron Bay, after the council voted unanimously against installing it.

The police acting as unwitting slaves of the political party corporate dictatorship

As Zev points out, some of the main concerns over the 5G upgrade in question at Mullumbimby were the safety of the community, and its risk of potential harm to members of the community and our natural environment.

There have been no studies done that show 5G technology is safe. In fact, much of the credible scientific and medical evidence available showing that microwave technology is dangerous to all life is being ignored by telcos as they rush to install 5G everywhere.

A recent report by Telstra boasted they have already installed 50% of the technology around Australia. Yet, the community has not been consulted once, as we discuss in the following podcast.

The Mullumbimby community united in large numbers to stop Telstra installing 5G in their town.

Privacy Concerns

Privacy is another big concern. The Chinese government is using 5G technology to track its people as they go about their daily business. The technology is so intrusive into their lives that a government can immediately deduct fines from an offendor’s bank account for things like jay walking, speeding, parking in the wrong place and other social transgressions.

What is even worse, once someone chalks up a number of minor transgressions the government can impose travel bans, and even worse puishments; all without a trial. Suddenly, people who have passed the allowed threshold of transgressions just “disappear”, often never to be seen again.

Monitors display a video showing facial recognition software in use at the headquarters of the artificial intelligence company Megvii, in Beijing, May 10, 2018. Beijing is putting billions of dollars behind facial recognition and other technologies to track and control its citizens. (Gilles Sabrié/The New York Times)

If we are to avoid ending up like the Chinese, we need to stop the government and telcos installing any more 5G towers, and put them on trial for TREASON.

The Covid 19 lockdown was implemented without any laws being put in place. The dictatorship led by the arch TRAITOR Scomo simply issued commands, and everyone in Australia meekly complied without question.

But consider this: The mandatory “social distancing” they have brought in has nothing to do with stopping the spread of a virus. Instead, look at the Social Credit system China has already implemented using Huawei technology. Social distancing helps the technology used for the social credit system identify individuals easily. When people bunch up the cameras cannot always track individuals.

What can YOU do to stop 5G damaging you and your loved ones?

Zev has provided a Cease and Desist notice we can all download, print out and then hand to telcos, any and all in government responsible for implementing 5G, the police, schools, etc. This notice was used successfully in Mullumbimby, and is available for everyone to download and then send to the relevant people.

Click on the link to download the letter :

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