Harry & Mike Discuss the Advance Australia HQ 5-Step Plan

Harry Palmer and Mike Holt discuss the Advance Australia 5-Step Plan.

Starting with Step 1, we discuss Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR), what it is,  how it works, and how it can be implemented.

In Step 2, we discuss Electronic (Digital) voting based on the Blockchain to be used in conjunction with CIR, its security implications, ease of use and social benefits.

In Step 3, electoral reform is essential if we are going to achieve a united, free, sovereign and independent nation to take us forward into the future.

In Step 4, we discuss that vital question, Taxation. Advance Australia HQ proposes a radical reform of the taxation system that will force all corporations to pay their taxes, and free the People of the Commonwealth of Australia from all taxation burdens.

In Step 5, we discuss Defence. Advance Australia proposes several ideas that well ensure the security of our nation and give the People of the Commonwealth of Australia back our pride in our nation and our achievements. We also discuss how we can build a peaceful nation, backed by a strong defence force.


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