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Dick Yardley is a respected Constitutional researcher and writer. He is also a farmer, and the Author of Australian Political & Religious Leaders Treason, Treachery & Sabotage.

The Battler and Dick get together to discuss how the political parties and the judiciary have committed treason… and deprived the People of the Commonwealth of Australia of our lawful protections from tyranny.

How the political parties have deceived us

Constitutional experts, from supreme court judges, like Sir Henry Talbot Gibs, to Dick Yardley, Wayne Glew, David Walter, and many others, have all stated that the political parties have hijacked our Commonwealth of Australia.

This always brings up the question, “How did they do it, and what does it mean for them and for us?”

To answer the first part of the question, Dick Yardley has prepared a document that we can serve on all government people, or anyone who has harmed us, including school principals and doctors who insist on vaccinating without our permission, owners of retirement homes who won’t allow family members in unless vaccinated, telco bosses installing harmful 5G technology, judges who order children ripped from their biological parents, and anyone else willfully harming people. You can and should serve the notice on anyone you see causing harm against your will.

Watch the Battler and Dick Yardley discuss how you can tell the TRAITORS we are on to them….

What does the Notice mean?

As members of the Commonwealth of Australia, we are bound by law to stop treason. Failure to do so can result in being charged for Misprision of Treason.

Misprision of treason is the act of deliberately concealing one’s knowledge of a treasonable act or a felony.

This document informs the man or woman you serve it on of the treason and/or crimes they are committing. It explains what Commonwealth of Australia Constitutional laws they have been a party to destroying, giving details of dates, times, and the lawful Acts they have discarded in their attempt to impose a Communist-style Republican government on us without our permission.

By notifying them, you have obeyed the law and protected yourself from prosecution for misprision of treason.

Anyone who has broken any Constitutional laws, the Crimes Act 1914, or all other laws enacted before 2nd February 1960 when the political parties removed the signet from Governor General’s Commission, can and must be informed of their crimes so that they can take steps to remedy any wrong they have committed.

Politicians like Labor PM Billy Hughes, and all Prime Ministers since Whitlam, are guilty of trying to destroy the Constitution to facilitate an Australian Republic. They have unlawfully changed our money from Pounds, sent our troops off to war without the authority of the people, taken the queen out of the Constitution, stolen our guns, our land, our livelihoods, and our future….all without a referendum of the people.

Any change to the Constitution must be approved by the people of the Commonwealth of Australia voting in a referendum. This is entrenched in Section 128 of our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Cth). When Whitlam took the Queen out of our Constitution by amending the Royal Styles and Titles Act, he and his successors have all committed High Treason.

Anyone who has helped the traitors is also guilty of treason, and anyone who knew someone was committing treason and did nothing to stop them is guilty of misprision of treason. These crimes all carry severe punishments. The usual punishment for treason is death.

We have provided a copy of the documents Dick has prepared for you to download, print out and send to those purporting to govern us.

There are 6 documents, one for each state, so make sure you download the one for your state. Use the South Australian document if you live in the Northern Territory, and if you live in Canberra use the NSW document.

Once you have informed them of their treasonous actions, they must take steps to stop it, or they will be liable to severe punishment under the law. They can, and will be, put on trial before a Court of the People, a Common Law court.

There is a precedent for this. Read the article about how the Americans won their war of independence, that explains how ordinary Common men and women united to confront the British and American criminals who thought they could dictate how Americans could live their lives. Many “officials” were hounded out of their court rooms and offices, forced to recant their misdeeds, and some were even tarred and feathered and then banished from towns and cities.

Tarring and Feathering may be a step too far in these modern times, but it’s still better than rule .303 that some people have clamored for. We do not condone violent behaviour. It is far better to rely on the law that is common to all free men and women; Common Law.

The documents we supply in this article can be used to notify the criminals and traitors that they have broken our Common Laws and they must Cease and Desist.

It is up to each one of us to deliver these documents to them and make sure they know they are outlaws.

How can you deliver the document?

We recommend that you personally deliver each notice. Put the documents in an envelope and hand one envelope of documents to each person involved in causing you harm. This will ensure they get the documents, and it will make them think hard when they read them.

If you have experienced problems with someone you cannot reach, then the second alternative is to deliver the documents by registered mail that they have to sign for. Once they take delivery they have 72 hours to respond in writing if they are to remain in honour.

Once the 72-hour deadline passes it is too late for them. Failure to respond to a notice or demand means that they have acquiesced… that is, they agree they have committed the crimes they are accused of. This is how the law works.

Do Not send the documents to an organization. An organization cannot harm you…only a man or woman can. You must address your documents to each man or woman that has harmed you, from the lowest to the highest.

Let’s get millions of people going into the offices of these traitors, or accosting them on the street, in restaurants, at the beach and serve them with a notice of their crimes against the people..

What will happen after you serve these documents?

Nothing….at first. However, once you have informed them of their treasonous behaviour, it is up to them to stop it. Their best course of action is to resign immediately from the position they hold so that they stop any further treasonous behaviour.

It is very likely these people will ignore anything you serve on them. But once we convene the Common Law Courts and they are convicted you will have a court authorization to impose a commercial lien (click on the link to learn how) on their property. A lien stops them selling, trading, or even giving property away as a gift or in a will until the lien is lifted. They can only do that in a court of law.

Nor will they be able to use the Nuremburg defence, claiming they were “only doing my job”.

Everyone must act honourably and truthfully in life. This is the basis of Common Law.

What can you do if you have been harmed?

Once you have served a notice on someone and they have ignored it, you should prepare a Statement of Claim, also called an Affidavit, to submit to a Common Law Court. We provide a simple way to submit your claim to the Court. Click here:


What happens if they are convicted?

The court will consider the circumstances, including whether the applicant is willing to make proper restitution to those they have harmed, and render a judgement.

Even if they resign their position, can you still make them accountable for any harm they have done to you?

It depends on the severity of their crimes against you.

“Harm” means anything they have done that has caused damage to either your body or your mental wellbeing, including fines, confiscations, causing you to lose money due to them interfering your business, stealing your children away from you, installing technology that harms your wellbeing such as 5G, forcing you to be vaccinated or lose your job, etc.

This means that if a policeman or local council employee has issued fines and you have been forced to pay, they can be held accountable and even made to make restitution.

Political party employees, from Ministers to politicians and their staff are all complicit in the massive fraud and treason. They can all be held accountable for the harm they have done to any man or woman of the Commonwealth of Australia.

After a Common Law judgement has been issued against them, if they remain in the position and continue to harm any more members of the Commonwealth of Australia they will face much more serious consequences than those who do the honorable thing and resign.

Common Law is about getting justice. It is not about revenge.

Either way, once they have been informed of their treason they must take active steps to stop their part in the treason.

You can start making the criminals and traitors accountable by selecting the documents below for your state and download them. Then let’s start serving them on the criminals and traitors!

Documents to download

Cover Letter – download and edit this letter with your own personal details, then attach it to your state Notice.

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