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POW 921 – An Aussie captured by the Japanese

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This amazing story is about the horrendous experiences thousands of Australian POW’s endured at the hands of the cruel Japanese after their capture in Singapore in 1942. These POWs were imprisoned at a camp just outside the infamous Changi jail where they became slaves carrying supplies to Japanese troops, or building a road through the center of the island.

A year later many endured a grueling train trip north to Thailand where they were forced to work on the Burma Railway. The tortures, the hunger, and the constant terror they experienced are graphically described. This book is not for the faint-hearted.

From Thailand, they were shipped to Japan to work in the coal mines at Omuta, just across the bay from Nagasaki. One of the prisoners describes what he saw and felt on that fateful day when the atomic bomb was dropped, and what happened afterwards.

Readers will wonder how these brave Australian men could survive the many terrible tortures and deprivations imposed on them. This book will have you gasping at the cruel treatment the prisoners endured. You will also learn how the leaders of the Japanese and Allied armies acted and why so many men lost their lives defending a lost cause.

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Life, Death & Everything In-between

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Life, Death & Everything In-between is a collection of short stories that will delight and surprise the reader…taking you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Mike Holt’s unique writing style grabs your attention as he takes you on a journey through life in a strange land. You will laugh, cry, feel sad, aroused, and even angry as Mike explores life in Thailand and beyond. While the stories are mostly fiction, many are based on real life experiences. This gives the stories an authentic feel as they take the reader deep into the characters and their stories.

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