Where’s the Money Part 2 — COAL

We have already seen how much gold (click on link to read and listen to Part 1 – Gold) we have sitting in the ground, as well as how much has already been taken. Based on the value of our gold resources alone, Australia is a very wealthy country with trillions of dollars in gold value still sitting in the ground.

So why are we all so poor? We pay one of the highest tax rates in the world. We get almost nothing back for it, unless you count new toll roads we are forced to pay for, and fined if we refuse to pay because we know that we have already paid for those roads many times over with our car registration, licence registration, and other hidden taxes. And…. Because our constitution guarantees us freedom of movement without government interference.

Did our forefathers need a licence to ride their horses into town? There is no difference between a horse and a car. It’s a means of travel…. And we have an absolute right to travel anywhere we wish without being forced to pay for it by a corporation….no matter what authority it claims over us.

But the political party criminals don’t care about our rights and freedoms any more. All they want is our money….more money.

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So let’s talk about where else Australia has untold wealth just sitting in the ground.

Coal has been given a very bad name in Australia. The socialist agenda has decreed that we must abandon this cheap energy supply and move over to renewables. [sa power circle]

South Australia is rich in energy. It contains significant reserves of fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal, and oil. The state also contains large amounts of uranium, including the world’s single biggest deposit at Olympic Dam, which represents 30% of the world’s total resource.

But the socialists have forced all coal fired generating stations to shut down…obviously without thinking it through.

As a result, we see South Australia experiencing power shortages despite installing banks of Tesla batteries to store energy from their solar arrays…. that only work when the sun is shining.

This is just ridiculous! If we are to rebuild our nation we need a reliable source of energy, and the source that is most abundantly available is coal.

Here’s a small sample of how many coal plants there are in the world today, and how many more are going to be built within the next 5 years… [put on screen]

  •  The EU has 468 plants building 27 more for a total of 495
  • Turkey has 56 plants building 93 more total 149
  • South Africa has 79 building 24 more total 103
  • India has 589 building 446 more total 1036
  • Philippines has 19 building 60 more total 79
  • South Korea has 58 building 26 more total 84
  • Japan has 90 building 45 more total 135
  • AND CHINA has 2363 building 1171 more total 3534

And then here come our AUSTRALIAN politicians to shut down our 6 remaining plants and save the planet!!

What these so-called environmentalists don’t understand is that Coal saves forests, as Professor Ian Plimer of the Institute of Public Affairs explains in the video podcast:

Nor do these same environmentalists comprehend that Australia is one of the leading suppliers of coal burning technology.

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This Melbourne company, Environmental Clean Technologies Limited, for example, has developed a unique, low-cost method to de-water brown coal and transform this abundant resource into a Black Coal Equivalent (BCE).

Their Coldry process creates a high-grade coal equivalent that burns so efficiently that it can be used to make high grade steel… something that is impossible burning low calorie lignite, or brown coal as it is also known.

ECT’s Coldry technology is a scalable, cost-effective low-rank coal drying solution that produces a storable, transportable, energy-rich fuel pellet ideal for the lucrative thermal coal market, as well as excellent for use in higher value coal conversion applications – such as manufacturing top grade steel, and other products requiring efficient, high temperature combustion.

But this company didn’t stop there. Their other technology, called the MATMOR process, is positioned to revolutionise primary iron making thanks to the design of their simple, low cost, low emission, patented MATMOR retort using cheaper, alternative raw materials.

MATMOR comprises three exclusive facets:

  • Inputs – It uses brown coal (lignite) as a reductant and heat source – no other technology can claim this
  • Hydrogen – Matmor is dominated by a hydrogen reduction reaction, instead of the traditional carbon-based reduction reaction – where do we get hydrogen from? It’s everywhere, especially in water. Simple, clean, efficient.
  • Plant Design – It employs a unique MATMOR retort – a vertical furnace that works with the natural chemistry of brown coal

Both the Coldry and Matmor technologies do not pollute the atmosphere. Instead, they offer a chance to revitalize our iron and steel industries. The only obstacle is the political party governments that are dedicated to destroying our manufacturing base for the sake of their UN inspired Agenda 21.

Instead of using this technology to benefit Australians the government has completely ignored this and other companies that are on the cutting edge of developing technology to make Coal non-polluting, and extremely efficient.

Australia has a large number of operating black coal mines, nearly all of which are located in New South Wales or Queensland. Black coal Ore Reserves at operating mines could last 23 years at 2017 rates of production and, when all Reserves are considered, this figure extends to 33 years.

These are the coal mining operations currently going on west of Rockhampton, Queensland. [ peak downs vid]

Another large coal mining operation is underway in western Australia at Collie.

Yet another smaller one is yanking out our valuable coal resources in Tasmania.

There are the massive coal mines in NSW at places like Tahmoor and Muswellbrook. [pics]

Simec Tahmoor coal mine

However, we have not surveyed all the other available coal deposits, so there is quite likely a huge reserve of coal we don’t even know about… yet.

All this while the government has conspired to sell off our minerals to overseas interests, instead of using them to rebuild Australian manufacturing. Those assets should be helping Australia develop, not overseas countries.

Where is the money?

Global coal production has averaged around 8,000 Mt a year since 2010, nearly double the amount produced in the early 1990s.

You only have to look at the vast coal mining operations already going on to see how much of our national wealth is tied up in coal…. And the good news it that the majority of it is still in the ground.

This is all very well, but why are we exporting all our coal? It’s a finite resource. Surely we should be keeping it most of here for us to develop our country instead?

So just how much coal do we export per year, and what is the revenue?

Australia’s coal export values hit a new peak of $56.5 billion in 2017, according to trade data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This figure jumped to an astounding $278bn in 2019.

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Australia is the second largest exporter of thermal coal in the world, with 208m tonnes exported last year. About 20% of that went to China.

With the current economic instability caused by the coronavirus, as well as a change in Chinese business practices, our government should be looking at ways to expand our coal export market to more countries. Instead, we are locked into unfair and unprofitable for Australians coal export contracts that do not benefit us.

But even more importantly, we should be looking for ways to use our vast coal resources to rebuild Australian manufacturing, which would create thousands of new jobs in many other sectors across the nation.

However, while we allow the Vatican, the USA, the UN and the international banking system to dictate how our country is run we will not have a chance to restore our nation to health, wealth and happiness.

The money behind and backing this debt, that ultimately supports the repayments and continuity of the system, is effectively unanchored and merely backed by confidence. The Reserve Bank of Australia uses Monetary Policy to manipulate the money supply to support debt levels through the production of fiat currency.

Monetary policy involves setting the interest rate on overnight loans in the money market (‘the cash rate’). The cash rate influences other interest rates in the economy, affecting the behaviour of borrowers and lenders, economic activity and ultimately the rate of inflation.

In determining monetary policy, the Bank has a duty to maintain price stability, full employment, and the economic prosperity and welfare of the Australian people. To achieve these statutory objectives, the Bank has an ‘inflation target’ and seeks to keep consumer price inflation in the economy to 2–3 per cent, on average, over the medium term. Controlling inflation preserves the value of money and encourages strong and sustainable growth in the economy over the longer term.

It is clear that the Central Banking System is not working. We have incurred a massive foreign debt. Yet, we have many Australians earning just enough to exist. The number of homeless sleeping out on our streets has increased by more than 5% in the last 5 years.

Veterans, the incapacitated and the aged are being denied treatment and help by governments that are siphoning money from these people to prop up their bloody awful financial mis-management policies. 

Despite the government proclaiming a rise in the employment figures, what they are not telling us is that someone with a part time job working just a few hours a week is considered fully employed. What utter rubbish!

The financial system today is based on creating more and more debt. Obviously, that is unsustainable. Eventually, someone has to repay the debt.

Before we move forward to reform our political, economic and social systems to benefit all Australians, we need a plan.

Advance Australia has proposed a 5-Point Plan to bring our political system under the control of the sovereign people of the Commonwealth of Australia, as well as to reform our economic and social systems. This includes jettisoning the United Nations, unplugging our banking system from the International Central Banking System set up by the likes of the Rothschilds and Morgans, and creating a business climate that will allow Australia to grow our industrial and agricultural base again.

We need a central bank owned by Australians for Australians, like we had before 1920, when Sir Otto Niemeyer, Chairman of the Bank of England came to Australia and forced the Labor government of the day to hand over the keys to him, giving him control of our  Common Wealth Bank of Australia. He stole the millions of pounds saved in the bank by hard working Australians, and created a central bank that is today called the Reserve Bank of Australia… the RBA. (Read the History of the Commonwealth Bank)

In addition, we need to repudiate trade deals that disadvantage us like GATT, PTT, the Lima Agreement, and others that have destroyed our ability to compete in world markets.

Once we regain control over our political system we can all vote in a series of carefully considered referendums to reform the laws that govern our nation. We could quickly repay the national debt, stop the massive corruption in politics and other sectors, and start working together to create a truly great country.

All it takes is the Will of the People… Your will!

It is up to each one of us to take that first step towards freeing our nation of the debt slavery we have been forced into.

It is up to YOU to learn about our Constitution, English Bill of Rights, and the Magna Carta, that are there to protect our rights and freedoms.

But all we have done in the last 50 years is allow the political parties to whittle those rights and freedoms away, until today we have none.

It doesn’t matter, though, because they are still there, as is our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901. All we have to do is stand up for our rights. When enough of us do this the corporate system will crumble.

And when that happens, we can set up a Government in the old Parliament House under the Constitution, and then set about changing our nation for the future.

Remember, it all starts with YOU. Are you ready to defend Australia?