English Common Law Explained

What are Affidavits?

In this podcast, the Battler explains what Affidavits are, how to write one, and who to give it to.

He also answers other questions you might have about affidavits and grand juries. 


Nor are there fees for appearing before the Grand Jury.

Preparations are progressing fast and we hope to convene the first GJ before Christmas. It all depends on you blokes. The sooner we get your Affidavits the quicker we can convene the GJ.
This is where you can submit your Affidavits:

You do NOT need a JP or Notary Public to sign an Affidavit to submit to the Grand Jury. All you need is two people to witness your signature and sign the Affidavit as your witnesses.

Nor do you need a lawyer or barrister to represent you. After you submit your Affidavit you will be invited to appear before the Grand Jury to tell your own story in your own words.
After the Grand Jury has your Affidavit and evidence anyone who has harmed you will be issued with an Indictment.

Then we will need you blokes to back us up at the Police Station to show them that We, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia are standing under our English Common Law and Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901. The Police must act when enough of us are there to show we demand justice.

Remember, under Common Law, we must all stand in honour and peace.

And this is where you can download an Affidavit.